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Learn how together we make a difference for accessibility

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Join us and many others who are passionate about advancing accessibility and creating opportunities for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Together, our efforts provide funding and support for the development of valuable content on, as well as many other opportunities, such as jobs, scholarship, and training.

Thank you for your generous heart and for taking action!

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Standard advertising and marketing methods fail to reach individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, even though they have similar income, spending habits, and interests as their hearing counterparts.

This means your business is missing millions of potential customers...

Everyone Benefits When You Partner With Bonbr

By partnering with Bonbr, you reach a large, untapped audience that is eager to learn more about excellent products and services. This will expand your customer base, increase your visibility, and establish your business as a leader in accessibility. There are two critical steps:

Go Where They Are

Bonbr is a virtual hub where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can access information, entertainment, and opportunities. Making your information available on Bonbr provides an opportunity to advertise directly to an often-neglected market and to support accessibility.

Make Your Information Accessible

Bonbr can help you modify your existing materials or create new ones to ensure your information is accessible.

Captions and written information will help you reach many people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Providing your message in American Sign Language (ASL) will help you reach millions more.

ASL is one of the most common and fastest growing languages in the U.S.

Marketing Options

  • Sponsor Bonbr TV shows or educational info
  • Bonbr Pro endorsements and reviews
  • Feature products in the Bonbr Market
  • Business listing in the Bonbr Resource Directory
  • Additional services and solutions to improve accessibility
  • Virtual Exhibits
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Production services

Sponsorship Packages


  • 550,000 views each month
  • Virtual exhibit
  • Priority Resource Directory listing
  • Sponsor a Bonbr TV show
  • Captioning services for ads


  • 350,000 views each month
  • Priority Resource Directory listing
  • Sponsor educational materials


  • 170,000 views each month
  • Resource Directory listing


Thank you for getting involved! There are many ways you can help. Here are some ideas:

  • Participating in focus groups
  • Interpreting
  • Add captions to videos submitted by viewers
  • Providing feedback when you have ideas about how to improve Bonbr
  • Creating content

Make A Donation

Together, we make a difference for accessibility.

Your donation supports accessibility by providing:

  • Educational scholarships and internships
  • Resources and technology that improves education, information, and services
  • Training and job opportunities
  • Early language development for children

Thank you for your support!

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